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Exploring Tonga 2018

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

A slightly longer video of our recent 2 week trip to Tonga, Tonga is a small island chain nation in the South Pacific, Officially known as the Kingdom of Tonga, we had an incredible time and although there were a couple of mishaps during our travels it was still an incredible trip and made for a real adventure, Sadly we came back with one member of our travel team decommissioned as the DJI Mavic Air crashed into the ocean, and although Millie was able to retrieve his lifeless body 15 hours later he sadly had drowned and had burnt out. Anyway we got some great shots with the drone so its not all bad.

Tongatapu So we flew into Tongatapu from Sydney our flight was delayed just over an hour but we did get complimentary upgrades so it wasn’t too bad, upon arriving we collected our rental car from the airport and drove to our accommodation where we went straight to sleep as it was 0130 by the time we arrived. Tongatapu is okay for a couple of days the people were friendly enough and there are some cool look outs and beaches to explore. Food on the island was okay but after discovering Friends Cafe and Best Burgers we became regulars Best burgers are genuinely some of the best burgers i’ve ever eaten.

Pangaimotu Island We headed out to Pangaimotu Island as a day trip from Tongatapu this was $50 TOP for the day including lunch, it was quite windy when we went which meant for average water visibility. The island is small and we walked around it to the other side where there was no wind and Millie had a snorkel.

‘Eua Our trip to ‘Eua was delayed 1 day because the ferry we were due to get on actually left 2 hours early which nobody including the locals had expected. The ferries are very hit and miss and some days do not leave all together. Our accommodation at ‘Eua was a let down to say the least we were camping at Tania’s Place which used to be a thriving spot sadly what appears to be new management have completely gone to waste. We did have an incredible hike here though which makes ‘Eua worth going to just for the hike. We also had a pretty special beach all to ourselves. There are next to no places for take away or restaurants with just a few Chinese owned “supermarkets” on the island which is great for Maggi’s noodles and water and not much out no fresh veg or fruit.

Ha’Apai This island group made the Tonga trip, pure paradise, there was pretty much no one around, untouched reefs and wild islands. Here we stayed at Kitesurf Tonga although expensive the hospitality, sustainability and food more than makes up for it, we are not kite surfers and this was our plan B because the accommodation our friend had recommended was fully booked. Places in Tonga can be fully booked 7 months out of the booking during peak season. Glen and Karen the owners are cool chilled out people who will look after you 100%. Whilst we were here we swam with whales which was one of the coolest experiences we’ve ever done. Me and Millie will remember it until for the rest of our lives. Swimming off the beach snorkelling off the right off our accommodation was epic we saw turtles, huge varieties of big fish and little fish, sharks, beautiful hard corals and soft corals with some of the coolest structural reefs I’ve seen. Whilst freediving around we could constantly hear the humpback whales communicating which was amazing

Music : Ichor Fredji - Flying High

I hope you have enjoyed our latest video, the purpose of these videos isn’t to show off but so that our friends and family spread across the globe can see what we have been up to. Plus it makes for a cool way to look back at our adventures. A little more alive than photos.

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Malo Tonga Malo


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