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🐟 ! Fish Butchery ! 🐟

A little surprise Birthday Treat for the Little Lady, we had an incredible night at the Fish Butchery Paddington taking part in their Masterclass with Paul, it was very inspiring with lots learnt regarding fish prep and some cool recipes on how to turn some of the commonly undesired parts of a fish into tasty meals.

As someone who has tried most parts of a fish but only really enjoyed the fillets, cheeks, wings and roe. I’ve learnt that I shouldn’t have given up so easily. But I do however look forward to the next time I go spearfishing to start experimenting with new prep methods, flavours and parts of the fish I catch!

Well done to the lads at the Fish Butchery for putting in the effort and creating fantastic food with something that would otherwise just be thrown away.

The fish pictured above is a Hapuka (Hapuku). A fish that I can say that I will probably never spear because they are found between 30-800m typically past 100m mark. A delicious fish and we were lucky enough to take some home with us.

Sustainable and Aware!!!


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