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Solo 2 day Hike - Morton National Park

A video of me hiking out to Mount Cole in Moreton National Park to camp for a couple of nights and just to enjoy the bush. Millie was unable to join me on this one as she was in Bali. I set off from wog wog campsite area early in the morning, where I made my way through some woodland area where I saw plenty of wallabies and kangaroos, as I approached Corang Peak I had 3 wedge tail eagles soaring over the top of me which was incredible, I saw plenty of black cockatoos on the hike aswell, I stopped for some lunch in one of the many caves near Corang Peak, the objective was to get to Mt Cole and explore some of the surrounding area. I stopped every now and then for water breaks and to fly the drone or climb. Sadly I had a slight fall during one of my climbs luckily it was only from about 2-3 meters and apart from some scratches and scrapes I was okay. Camping in a cave at Mt Cole was incredible. The stars were completely on show and made for a fantastic evening, about 50m from where i camped there was a small waterfall so I made the most of the opportunity to restock water and have a cheeky shower. I decided to end the trip early due a combination of the winds being too strong to climb and my phone battery running very low and travelling on my own its always good to have phone battery in case of an emergency. This track was fantastic and I will definatly do it again it was incredible to encounter as much wildlife as I did, accidentally ending up about 2m away from a huge wild wombat was probably my favourite experience. The tracks elevation varies considerably, the track is fairly well trodden although over the 3 days I only saw 5 people, there was a fast flowing stream just after Corang Peak I'm not sure if this still runs in the summer though, there was also a second water point at the waterfall at Mt Cole again I'm not sure if this runs year around either.

Fun fact : The highest peak in the Budawang's Range is Mount Budawang which sits at 1129m. The Budawangs Range goes through many National Parks including Morton National Park where I spend the majority of the trip.


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