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Spearfishing Bluefin Tuna + Monster Crayfish

Spearfishing Bluefin Tuna + 4kg Crayfish - Spearfishing Melbourne, Victoria Spearfishing Bluefin Tuna in Australia. Crayfish and Scallops in Melbourne, Victoria

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Finally after weeks and months of uncertainty we pulled it off! I fly down to Melbourne to meet up with James from @Southern Spearfishing​ and Aaron from @2freshproductions

The plan was to bag a Southern Bluefin Tuna, James is the expert as he has spent years learning about these fish and their behaviours. If we could get some other Victorian yummies that would be great to!

Enjoy the video for the rest

All fish were of legal size and were speared for consumption, I have a VIC Fishing Licence and abide by catch size limits, daily takes and no fish zones. Over the past 4 years now I have made the commitment to no longer buy fish, so I only eat the fish i catch. Spearfishing is the most sustainable form of fishing on the planet, it is also the most environmentally friendly form of fishing.

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