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Wet Mammal Recipes

Cook up some epic Seafood Recipes with some awesome recipes from my myself and a whole heap of epic spearo/chefs. If you have a fantastic seafood recipe that you want to share with the world either drop an email to or slideee into those dm's on insta.


The biggest issue with my recipes is that I never use exact measurements, I just kind of eye everything in. So because of that when I list 400g understand that its roughly what I think 400g looks like. Regardless of the specifics most who taste my meals are happy. 

There will be a mix of Seafood, Forgeable's and Hunted Meals available here. 

Most of these recipes I have experimented with over the years until I found something that has been consistently good. But of course I have been influenced by great meals ive eaten or seen prepped throughout my life.

Over the last 5 years I have made the commitment to no longer eat commercially caught seafood, with the exception of prawns, mussels and oysters because of that all the seafood you see in the recipes have been either hand collected or caught whilst spearfishing by me.

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