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Alpine National Park & Bright

Just another quick addition to the Weekend Adventure Videos, these are short edits taken from a single weekend.

As you can see this was a weekend away to visit my brother who has just moved from the UK to Albury NSW, So we decided to go on a little road trip hoping to find some snow and enjoy a hike, but unforutantely due to weather conditions Millies Flight was delayed and this meant we were unable to hike due to the set back, we did manage to find some snow and Millie and Will had a snow fight. The car in the video is the brand new Mercedes X Class a great car and a lot of fun travelling with a Ute again.

We will return to Albury later in the year to complete the parts we missed out on this trip, it was a fantastic catch up and we had some beer tasting and snacks in Bright, Victoria. This video is basically just preventing the kick ass drone shots from just being sat on my hard drive forever.

Song Featured : Forster the People - Pumped up Kicks

I Hope you have enjoyed, Subscribe for more travels, spearfishing and fun.


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