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Wet Mammal Appearances

Spearfactor is an American based Spearfishing Podcast presented by Bret Whitman, i was introduced to this podcast this year but it made for a great binge session through plenty of episodes. Another podcast to reccomend to all spearos with a diverse range of divers. Especially great for those interested in Spearfishing the US. Absolute pleasure to be on the podcast and look forward to eventually teeing some dives up in the future.

Spearfactor Intro

Spearfactor #033: Sam Clothier, The Wet Mammal

On this episode, I speak with Australian diver and adventurer Sam Clothier. Originally from the UK, Sam moved to Australia in order to live a more adventurous lifestyle and he certainly has done that! During this episode we talk about diving solo, catching and cooking all types of fish, his youtube channel @wetmammal and some of his more exciting fish stories. Sam also enjoys documenting his hike and spear trips where he will adventure off to hard to reach sections of the coastline to dive. For more on Sam, checkout his IG page @wetmammal

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This Ocean Life is one of my favourite Podcasts.
It's not just specific to Spearfishing, but I just love hearing about how other people are connected to the ocean. Based in the US - Josh Pederson is an excellent presenter and really fun to listen to keeping me entertained throughout most of the UK Lockdown during the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic. 

In this podcast we touched on a bit about my origins, how I got connected to the ocean and then how Spearfishing and Hike and Spear became huge parts of my life. I am incredibly grateful to have been featured on the podcast and a big thanks to Josh for having me on. 

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Noob Spearo is my most listened to podcast. I've been an avid fan for years and a big supporter of what Isaac "Shrek" Daly and Noob Spearo does for the spearfishing community. So ending up on the podcast was an absolute dream. Incredibly grateful for not only getting to be interviewed by the man the myth the legend but to experience a dive with Shrek spooking flatties. I cannot recommend this podcast enough to those who spearfish or are interesting in spearfishing. 


Noob Spearo Intro

Today's episode is with Sam Clothier of the Wet Mammal channel on Youtube! He's a fascinating dude from the UK and now based in Sydney, quite well-travelled and absolutely froths on spearing! 


He makes great underwater content, has done a Hike and Spear video series and his latest series is called "Spearfishing The Undesirables" where he tries and tastes the so called "undesirable" fish species to see if they're terrible or if everyone is missing out on some hidden gems, examples include Bonito, Longfin Pike, the Old Wife and the Southern Fusilier to name a few. How to hunt them, prepare them and make them taste great! We also chat about Sam's own spearfishing journey and how he spent many years consistently hyperventilating before a dive, training advice and some actionable tips for Noob Spearos! An awesome guy and a great chat. We hope you enjoy this episode! Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


Three highlights of the trip for me were:

  1. The Freedom – Of being free after an intense UK lockdown with no mask, no curfew and social distancing for fun not as a requirement. With no set schedule or place to be, enjoying my own company and time.

  2. Connection to the Wild – just hiking the coastline where i grew up and seeing that it is just as i remember, with plenty of nature, wildlife and good wild meals to be had.

  3. The Challenge – testing my foraging and spearfishing capabilities, proving to myself that i have the survival knowledge and skill to keep myself healthy and fed in the wild. All whilst hiking with all the gear i need.

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