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Spearfishing The Undesirables

The purpose of The Undesirables is to target one specific species of fish that has a reputation for being poor eating or inedible. I'll put my taste buds on the line for your enjoyment but hopefully find some tasty new fish that are more sustainable due to less pressure. 

Episode 1 - The Wirrah Cod

Episode 2 - Southern Fusilier

Episode 3 - Bonito

Episode 4 - Longfin Pike

Episode 5 - Old Wife

Ep 6 - Estuary Cobbler Catfish

Ep 7 - Rock Cale

Ep 8 - Green Moray Eel

Ep 9 - Sergeant Baker

Ep 10 - Southern Maori Wrasse

Episode 11 - Australian Salmon - Kahawai

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