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Canoe Adventure - Birthday trip to Shoalhaven Gorge

Its been awhile since my last video I’ve been working solid over the last 2 months but fear not there are plenty more videos to come! This was a special one as it was my 26th Birthday at the start of April, Millie had organised this amazing trip as a surprise, it was our first time on our new canoe and we absolutely love it!!! We named it “ The Beagle “ after HMS Beagle. Which was the ship that Charles Darwin voyaged around much of the globe on and through its journey helped create the Theory of Evolution through Natural Selection. Our Canoe is a Mad River Adventure 14 Canadian Canoe!

Anyway, So we headed south from Sydney to Bendeela Recreation Area where we loaded up the Canoe and set off on the Kangaroo River towards Beehive Point. This is a great place to set off from because they have CCTV watching over the car perfect for multi-day Canoeing and Kayaking. Along the way we stopped at Acacia Flat for a spot of lunch and we also detoured through the Sunken Forest too cool to miss.

On the Second day we made our way across the Shoalhaven River past Tallowa Dam to Fossickers Flat for some lunch and a cool down swim before heading back near Tallowa Dam to camp for the night. We came across a huge Goanna who happened to be swimming across the river, despite our efforts we drifted near to him and he made a dash under water before exiting the water and into the bush. We saw numerous Wedge Tailed Eagles and a pair of White Bellied Sea Eagle which was remarkable.

On the third day we packed up and heading back up towards Bendeela Rec Area but we had a good stop off opposite Beehive Point for some lunch and rope swing fun! Any questions about the trip please fire away.

Cheers for watching hope you enjoyed. Remember when flying drones in National Parks always get approval before you take off its super easy just call a number get the park managers email and then request permission most times its granted if within reason and at least a couple of weeks notice.


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