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Crabb SpearSling Review

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Crabb SpearSling - Spearfishing Speargun Accessory Review

Welcome to another Wet Mammal review. Today we are looking at the Spearsling from Crabb. Crabb Spearfishing is an Australian Owned Spearfishing Company based in Sydney, Australia. Crabb Spearfishing might well have just created the best rock-hopping spearfishing accessory. I present you … The Crabb Spear Sling.

But I will still be sincere.*Disclaimer - I am affiliated with Crabb Spearfishing. The Spearsling is available from the Wet Mammal Store, and I do receive a small commission on each sale. With that being said, I will still be completely honest, and i'm only happy to stock the Slings because I actually use and rate this product.

So I am someone who absolutely loves to rock hop. It's how 99% of spearfishing in my life has been conducted. I'm a bit of a mountain goat and always have been with rock climbing being one of my favourite hobbies when I'm not in the water… Yes, despite the rumours, I do actually live on land. So, after rock hopping for over 15 years, sometimes a calm beach rock hop and sometimes some pretty dangerous cliff climbs. I've endured it all, and I've always wondered why no one had thought to make a Spearsling sooner.

I've tried using Backpacks to carry all my gear down, and this worked for a short time, but sea salt, rugged use, and the horrible task of stashing the bag amongst the rocks and hoping it's there when you get back would eventually prove the bags in my experience to be ineffective. So the most logical thing to do would be to have a spearsling. I'm genuinely so surprised that this hasn't been thought of sooner.

I've owned the Crabb SpearSling for four months now, and i've put it through its paces. So, I feel like extensive use whilst spearfishing has given me enough insight to review the product.

How does the Crabb Spearsling Work?

The Spearfishing sling works by attaching either end of the sling around your speargun via the two velcro straps located at each end. You then fasten the velcro strap through the feeder and back on itself, and the velcro will do its magic. Ensure that you have enough slack in the strap so you can wear the sling. Pop it on, and that it's super easy now you are wearing your gun. Just bear in mind that now you are as tall as a speargun, so watch those branches. You can wear the sling in a couple of ways, but I've found it on my back to be the most practical.

What I love about Crabb Spearfishing Speargun Sling

It's solid and durable so far. It's accompanied me on more than 30 rock hops and shows zero sign of wear and tear. The velcro still works perfectly. It's comfortable to wear and such a nice feeling having an extra hand free to scale up or down the rocks. When I'm in the water, I just roll it up and attach it to my float and stays there until I'm ready to get out of the water. It rolls down to a small enough size that you could actually tuck it in your suit. But I'm happy enough leaving it attached to my float… it's not going anywhere.

The strap is super durable and robust, and I've even used it to fasten through some fish whilst attached to my gun, making for an even easier spearfishing exit. However, the downside to strapping your fish to your strap is that you may cop the occasional spike from a fish spike.

What I Don't Love about the Spearsling

Okay, so there honestly isn't much that I don't love about the speargun sling, but it would be cool if some more colours were released as currently, the only options are red and blue.

I feel like in years to come, the velcro will be the first to wear out. Having velcro pads that you can easily change out yourself would be awesome. But I think this is years away from happening, but I think it could be cool to produce less waste.

Crabb Speargun Sling Verdict

The cost of this strap pays for itself. I've had to carry my guns many miles to reach my spots and it just makes the whole process a lot easier. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone who rock hops regularly or those who use a jetski. This product probably isn't for you for those who are more accustomed to blue water diving from boats.

If you want to buy check out the Crabb SpearSling here

If you want to buy check out the Crabb SpearSling here

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