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Dharug National Park

After a busy week at work we both needed another break from the city life, and just a short drive from Sydney is Dharug National Park, we drove to Wisemans Ferry where we had a lovely pub meal as the sun was setting. We then crossed over the ferry and headed to our campsite Mill Creek for a night.

The campsite was perfect for what we wanted it had toilets and plenty of wildlife. Including a very inquisitive Bush Turkey. We then headed down to the river for breakfast before making our way to the Track. We chose the Old Great North Road. A historic road created by the convicts. It was built between 1826 and 1836. It makes up one of the eleven UNESCO World Heritage Australian Convict Sites.

A fun hike with a couple of nice look out points. The trail looks like it would be really fun to mountain bike and has been closed off to 4x4s and other vehicles due to erosion.

The track itself isn’t too step and varies between hard rock and soft ground it was pretty hot and I do recommend taking plenty of water as we didn’t find any along the way. A great walk in a lovely National Park. Thanks to NSW National Parks for giving me permission to fly my drone in their park.

Fun fact : The Park took its shape mainly between the Permian and Triassic Period (270-180 million years ago) and it consists almost entirely of horizontally bedded sedimentary rocks.

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