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Exploring Tasmania 2018

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

Here is another one of our travels this time we were in Tasmania for a camping, hiking , spearfishing road-trip. The entire trip was a surprise organised by my girlfriend Millie for my 25th Birthday. I went day to day not knowing what we were going to be doing next.

We flew into Hobart went to Mona and then hiked up Mt Wellington for a sunset the next day we travelled out into the countryside where we attended the Argarian Kitchen for a cooking experience. Which was incredible!!!

We then travelled to Bruny Island where we explored and did some spearfishing! Next stop was Fortescue bay where we camped and were entertained with so much nature from Possums, Currawongs, Wallabies and Spiders.

We explored Port Arthur the first convict settlement in Tasmania! Then we made our way up the coast for some more spearfishing, camping and hiking we made the most of the incredible national parks, we pretty much fed ourselves the entire trip on seafood we had speared or collected on our travels including various fish, Abalone, Crayfish (Lobster) and Mussels.


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