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Exploring the Sunshine Coast 2018

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

Millies Birthday present from myself was a surprise trip to the Sunshine Coast for the weekend! She had no idea what we were doing until we were there.

We kayaked the Noosa Everglades with Kanu Kapers Australia, recommended by a friend and it defiantly did not disappoint we loaded up our sea kayak with all our camping gear and kayaked for around 12km due to Millie's navigational skills, and we set up a tent in the middle of nowhere, as you can see the narrows section was like kayaking on a mirror it was incredible, the water so pure and riff with bird life.

Then we headed to Noosa Heads for a birthday lunch and walked out to hells gate at Noosa National Park, The next morning we went climbing up Mt Ngungun in Glass House National Park. Which was Millies first time outdoor climbing she was little nervous at first but soon found out she enjoyed it. We climbed with Pinnacle Sports, the instructor was great! Then we headed over to Millie's Aunty and Uncles place in the middle of nowhere, an absolute perfect getaway with a lovely dinner and great company!

Fun fact : Noosa Everglades are one of two Everglade systems in the world, the other being in Florida, USA

Hope you enjoyed more to follow so subscribe! Any questions fire away!!!


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