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How I Survived a Bite by the Worlds Deadliest Snake whilst Spearfishing

Here it is the worlds most venomous snake attacking and biting my face.

Okay after plenty of DM’s asking what happened, why it happened and how am i still alive. I decided to make this video to answer all of your questions instead of replying to every individual!

Also the snake bit my mask and thats how im alive For starters this clip is from wayy back in 2016. The world was a simpler place and travel was allowed.

The snake featuring in the video is the banded sea krait. Usually these snakes are super docile and chilled but as i unveil in the video this one was not particularly chilled.

No sea snakes were hurt in the making of this video and as i am typing i can confirm with a degree of certainty that i did not die and did in fact survive.

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