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I Quit My Job to Travel Full Time

Moving to Fiji 2022 is going to start with some epicness. Chasing epic spearfishing in Fiji, island survival and mad hiking. I made the call last late year that I would make 2022 the year i decided to give Wet Mammal a red hot crack.

A lot of things have lead to me making this call, including the ongoing threat of covid-19 effecting my work and life. Unfortunately my working background is in events and this sector will naturally be one of the last industries to recover from the effects of covid. Even tourism is opening back up but mass events have been and will be continued to be cancelled throughout the coming years as new variants erupt.

Anyways enough about that lets talk exciting stuff. So what the hell am i doing?

Ive made the decision to go island hopping for 2022 for spearfishing and content making. Ive always had a bucket list of personal challenges and over the next few months ill be hopefully ticking those off. As long as the weather remains calm. Starting off in Fiji ill do some overland adventuring before heading out to the outter islands chasing big fish and isolation with stunning scenary. Whilst it all sounds beautiful im going to intentionally place myself in some harsh survival environments to truly test my skills and abilities.

I'm taking a bit of a gamble but we can make this come true. Full-time Wet Mammal let's go! Chasing a dream that I didn't think was ever realistic. I've only grown the confidence to make this jump thanks to you guys and your support. Thank you soo much, everyone, who has supported you are literally shaping my life and I cannot thank you enough for it!

Im taking over a fair amount of gear in four bags, my pelican for my electrics and filming gear, my backpack for survival gear and clothing, the sportstube series 3 for spearfishing gear and my rucksack for those items i want to keep close to me at all times.

Please note over the coming months i will be placing myself in dangerous situations but i have had sufficient training and relevant experience neccesary to survive and know what to do when things go wrong, whilst im looking to inspire others to get out there and do it yourself im also very cautious of people acting within their physical and mental limits.

Stay Wet Stay Fed People.

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