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Macquarie Pass National Park

Another weekend getaway and this time we headed south of Sydney, Millie decided that we go to this park for its lovely lush subtropical forest walks with waterfalls and swimming holes. We brought our climbing gear with us as well just in case we felt up to some rock climbing. The trail we took was the clover hill trail and when we parked up the car we could see a group of people prepping for some canyoneering.

A nice easy track with some fun rock hopping to get over the river once we got to the river we pretty much made our own path up to the massive waterfall, we stopped off for a swim in a mini waterfall pool to cool down! On our way back we had some fun canyoneering and climbing up a waterfall which was incredibly slippy and hard to climb when you just have constant waterfall spray over your hands feet and face.

A great hike and a lovely clean park. I hope you enjoyed! Fun Fact - Macquarie Pass National Park was establish as a National Park in 1969-1970!


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