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🐟 ! Ocean Oakley Treasure ! 🐟

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Back in November, whilst Spearfishing and keeping my eye out for rubbish, I came across a pair of Oakley sunnies, the lenses were all scratched up, and they had been in the water for a fair while as things had started to grow on them. But needless to say, I would advertise them on gumtree without a photo and see if anyone would claim them.

After no one claimed them for two weeks, I decided to keep them, refurb them, and rock them. Poseidon had seemingly rewarded me once more.

For the refurb, I decided to use a cloth and a bit of toothpaste to buff some of the minor scratches out. This worked exceptionally well for the frame, but sadly the lenses were scratched beyond use, so instead of rocking just the frames and looking like an ultra hipster 3000, I brought a pair of polarised lenses online for $20. They definitely aren't Official Oakley lenses, but they did the trick.

So there you have it, I picked up some ocean litter, and I've bagged myself a set of working Oakleys for $20 and a bit of scrubbing! This brings the total pairs of usable sunglasses I've discovered whilst looking for trash up to 5, including more Oakleys and a set of Ray-Bans.

These will be my official Wet Mammal sunnies from now on 😂😂

What's the best thing you've found in the ocean?

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