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Spearfishing New South Wales 4

The footage was shot 90% in Sydney but down to Jervis Bay aswell. The clips only contain footage from 2019 dives. Apart from suffering from a few poor weeks of visibility I’ve managed to sneak out for a few dives so far! I’d just like to state I don’t target Flathead Breeders but it can be really tricky at times to tell who’s the big female and who’s the male lizards when they are buried in the sand so excuse the breeder shot, not my intention.

The shots were taken from numerous dives and I take a variety of fish as I believe it’s the most sustainable way. If I only targeted one or two species like most we would have a significant impact on the stock so diversity is key, it also encourages you to cook and try different methods of prepping fish which is always great for the taste buds.

All fish were of legal size and were speared for consumption, I have a NSW Fishing Licence and abide by catch size limits, daily takes and no fish zones. Over the past 3 years now me and my partner have made the commitment to no longer buy fish so we only eat the fish catch. Spearfishing is the most sustainable form of fishing on the planet, it is also the most environmentally friendly form of fishing. Let me know what you think of the video in the comments section.

Anyway I hope you guys enjoyed the video and don’t be afraid to like, share and subscribe for more Spearfishing!


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