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Spearfishing Niue 2

This is part II of my spearfishing around the island of Niue a small but beautiful nation in the south pacific. I will mention again here that spearfishing the reefs around the island is not open to just any tourist, I was granted special permissions to spear some reefs as i was volunteering for 4 weeks on the island. Please do not expect to just jump in the water and spearfish, each village has their reef and they fish it sustainably as it feeds families in the village. That being said blue water fish are open season for anyone with a boat or prepared to swim out to the fads Hope you enjoyed the video. Rate Comment and Sub as you please more to come!

Dive Buddy : Ryan Sutton

Special thanks to Vasilis Thimaras for letting me use his track to this video check out his channel for some quality music and cool drone footage.


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