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Tandoori Fish Wings

I see it happen all too often: Fisherman taking the fillets off their catch and throwing the rest of the fish away! No!!! The wings can be arguably the best part!

Fish wings are the chicken thigh equivalent to the fish. The meat is darker, flavourful and when cooked right, perfectly flakes off the bone into bite sized pieces.


In Indian cuisine, tandoori is a very popular way of cooking your meat. Suitable for fish, chicken, beef and lamb!

The combination of yoghurt, spices and the searing heat of a tandoor oven give you that classic tandoori flavour.

To make tandoori style fish wings, here’s what you’ll need.

Ingredients -

Fresh fish wings

Tandoori paste

Natural yoghurt


You’ll also need some really hot coals or a grill plate on a barbecue.

Method -

Scale your fish wings and split the breast bone in the middle to butterfly out the wings.

Marinade your fish wings with Tandoori paste, yoghurt and a splash of lemon juice.

You’ll need enough to thoroughly coat your fish.

Cook over the coals or grill until the wings are charred and the skin is crispy, turning when necessary.

They’re going to be quite delicate so be cautious when taking them off the heat.

Garnish with tandoori spice, a little yoghurt and a generous squeeze of lemon.

Serve with rice, naan and some raita or kachumber.

This recipe was written and provided by Harry Foster.

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