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Alg Seaweed Octopus Salad Recipe

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Another delicious Octopus Salad recipe to get your mouth watering. Im keeping busy as usual but how good is octopus in salad? We'll let me tell you, It's really nice actually. Look I really do weigh up the ethical side of things with these beautiful creatures. So ive created a funny. Sorry I cannot remember for the life of me how much of each I used so just eye it in as best you can haha.

Prep Time: 15 mins - 5 mins if Octopus is already cleaned.

Cook Time: 45mins+

Mix Time: 5mins

Total Time: 1hr+

Taste 10/10

Octopus AlgSeaweed Salad Ingredients

1 Whole Fresh Octopus AlgSeaweed Salt

AlgSeaweed Flakes

Black Pepper

Sea Salt Tomato

Garlic Red Pepper

Lettuce Cucumber

Spanish Olive Oil


White Wine (Sauv Blanc)

Items Needed

A Sharp Knife

A Mixing Bowl

A Pot

I partially skinned the Occy as much as i could be bothered to. (known as cleaning)

I then boiled up some water in a big pot with some salt. I then hold the Octopus by its hood (head) and dip him into the boiling water tentacles first a couple of times which will cause the tentacles to curl up. I do this for presentation but I dont know if it benefits the actual flavour. Then ill add to the pot some White Wine - Sauv Blanc (whatever white you have should work nicely). I then reduce the heat and let the pot simmer for about a 45mins to an hour, if its a really big occy then maybe even longer just simmer the octopus until its super tender. You can test before you fully remove it from the pot using the side of a spoon on the flesh.

This particular Octopus was so tender I could have cut the whole thing up with a blunt spoon. Perfectly tender indeed. So cut him up into bitesize pieces.

Okay next up grab your mixing bowl add Spanish Olive Oil, Katamala Olives, Greek Feta, finely sliced Garlic with the lime juice, then add your perfectly tender Octopus Chunks some Alg Seaweed Salt and cracked pepper to your own taste.

Then prepare a simple salad. This one was just lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and red pepper (red capsicum).

Add Occy mix on top of each plate of salad and dont be shy on the juice its delicious. Finally garnish with some Alg Seaweed Flakes and get stuck in!

Absolutely delicious! Its a 10/10

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