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Wet Mammal's Signature Passionfruit Ceviche Recipe

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

I thought id share with you my very own Wet Mammal Ceviche recipe. Im a big fan of ceviche and have been experimenting with it for years. Ive tried many traditional Peruvian and South American versions which are epic. But I just felt like flaring this dish up little ive also had great success with using a traditional recipe and then just adding some diced watermelon as well. It's a pretty basic ceviche but has a passionfruit punch to it!

Prep Time: 15 mins

Cook Time: 5mins

Total Time: 30mins

Taste 10/10

Wet Mammals Signature Passionfruit Ceviche Ingredients

Blue Morwong But you can experiment with any fish as a substitute



Sea Salt


Green Pepper (Capsicum) You can use any colour but i like the the green for taste.


Olive Oil

Chilli Pick your heat

Fresh Coriander

Fresh Mint


Items Needed

2x Bowls

A Spoon

A Sharp Knife

BOWL 1 : So first off juice a couple of limes and scrape out a passionfruit or two into a bowl. Crack a fair whack of salt into the mix. (Dont worry you wont be eating all of this) Cover and place in a fridge to chill.

BOWL 2 : Remove all skin and bones from the fillets and dice the fish into 1cm cubes. Place into a bowl cover and back into the fridge.

BOWL 3 : Chop the following into similar size bits : tomatoes, cucumber, green pepper (capsicum), avocado. Add to a bowl with some olive oil, chopped chilli, chopped coriander and chopped mint. Even crush some garlic in and crack some pepper on top and mix in with your hands in the bowl.

Top Tip : I premix this before adding the fish to reduce the bruising on the fish flesh and to prevent the fish falling apart.

Once you are near ready to serve pour Bowl 1 of Lime juice and Passionfruit over Bowl 2 the cubed fish. The acidity of the lime juices will begin to poach (cook) the fish. Leave the fish in the lime mixture for no more than 5 minutes and be sure to move it around a couple of times during that.

Remove the fish from the juice and place into bowl 3 for a light mixing. Garnish with some more chopper mint and coriander.

Bingo awesome ceviche, this dish originates from Peru and can be used with a wide range of fish. Get experimenting and let me know what you think! Ive tried this with plenty of Sydney’s famous “poor eating fish” and they’ve tasted great!

Best used with fresh fish or fish frozen clean and fresh. I mean you can leave it for longer but it will continue to cook in the lime juices and youll lose some awesome texture and the unique fishy flavour will just be replaced with lime.

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