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Exploring Niue 2017

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

I was lucky enough to Volunteer on this beautiful island for 4 weeks, living a self sufficient lifestyle within a village in the north of the Island called Mutalau a huge thank you to everyone who made my trip including my house mate, the Mutalau Blues Touch team and coaches, and the biggest thank you to Saluma and Humu Cafe for allowing me to experience all of this.

I learnt how to prepare and cook Traditional Niuean dishes, alot about island life, Niue's history and culture. Not to mention all the incredible memories made.

Anyway you probably havent heard of this small island nation but it is the unspoilt gem of the south pacific!!!

Shot with GoPro 4 Edited in Final Cut Pro

Music is ofcourse Moby - Porcelain



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