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OrcaTorch D530 Review

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

A video review of the OrcaTorch D530 dive torch, I primarily used this waterproof torch to search for rock lobster in Sydney and other areas of NSW. OrcaTorch is a dive torch specialist company. They offer a wide variety of dive torches, but today we will look at the D530 torch and if it has practical use for spearfishing.

I will start by saying this in an unpaid, unbiased review. OrcaTorch approached me and asked me to review their new recreational dive torch at the time of review. I was not affiliated with OrcaTorch other than they had requested me to conduct a review using the torch for Freediving.

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I gain a small commission through that link above, and that money helps keep the website ticking over. But I wouldn't recommend any product unless I was familiar with it and happy to stake my reputation on it.

You can find the torch here at

I found the 220 Lumen setting perfect for what I needed for abalone and crays and just generally exploring excellent cave networks. I found the 1050L would be a little too bright in most circumstances and remove too much colour from my filming.

I hope you enjoyed my first ever video review.

Thanks for enduring my bland voice, and don't be afraid to ask questions or drop feedback. I'm always looking to improve.

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