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Scallops and Nanna Shirl's Jam

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

This recipe like many Wet Mammal Recipes was created out of experimenting with the available ingredients at the time. Whilst exploring the Scottish Highlands armed with a jar of my Nanna Shirl's signature Raspberry Jam. After a chilly dive in Scottish waters I had gathered some incredible Scottish King Scallops. After knocking back a couple raw I decided to cook some up and add Nan's Jam to add some funk to the pan fried King Scallops. It tasted incredible and thus worth sharing.

Taste 10/10

5-15 minutes including prep and grilling.

Scallops and Jam Ingredients

Fresh King Scallops

Nan's Jam or the next best thing

Once you have cleaned the Scallops keep the roe, honestly its just as yum as the meat.

Place your scallops under the grill and begin cooking.

These Scallops were grilled in their in their shells to perfection. They were flipped about 40 seconds towards the end so you can enjoy the crispy top.

Remove the scallops from the grill when perfectly cooked and then add a dab of jam. Then it's as simple as eating and entering another universe as the flavour of salty and sweet transcends your mind and body.

You can enjoy the video of my Scottish Scallop Experience below

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