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Spearfishing Tasmania

My latest Spearfishing video from our Tasmania Trip, the clips were all from 3 dives, the water was pretty fresh a little different to what we are used to in Sydney but it reminded me of Spearfishing in the UK.

All fish taken were legal size and the correct licences for Abalone and Crayfish were purchased prior to collection. I was absolutely chuffed to get 3 Bastard Trumpeter and a couple of Magpie Perch as these were a first for me and tasted delicious. Plenty of great Abalone and Crays.

On our trip we were pretty much self sufficient relying on the seafood we had caught. We collected some great mussels and not all fish were caught on camera due to a battery issue. Sadly in the first dive my gun jammed and wasn’t usable until I got out of the water luckily Aden lent me his gun so I could get some Trumpeter. Absolute Legend btw if anyone is in Tasmania and wants to go out on a boat he’s great value and knows plenty of good spots not to mention he’s just a good lad!

Cheers once again to my incredible Girlfriend for organising all of this and researching our hunting spots.


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