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Thai Style Spider Crab Cakes Recipe

Updated: May 18, 2021

Thai Crab Cakes with Spider Crab. Spider Crabs are a fantastic seafood underdog. So here is one of my favourite spider crab recipes other than just having it on its own with bread and butter. This recipe was actually made by my mum with some spider crabs I caught over the spring of 2020. So, a special shout out and thank you to actual Chef Lyn Clothier aka mum.

They are in an abundance in the UK and I’ve been eating them since I was a young lad. They are incredibly easy to locate and even easier to grab. Despite their slow movements they can on occasion kick speed and nip you. Not as painful as a Lobster but still not fun. I heard a hilarious story about rebranding the spider crab as a the "Cornish king crab" which is actually one of the funniest things I’ve read in a while. These crabs are bloody delicious, sure to harvest all the meat out takes some time. But I believe it’s worth it. The spider crab will taste different at different times of year and I’m not sure exactly why but I’m sure breeding and shedding shell has something to do with it.

Cooking the Spider Crab

Prep Time: 5 mins if you are cooking and breaking down the crab

Cook Time: 12 - 35 mins depending on the size of the spider crab.

Total Time: 17 - 40 mins

Making and Cooking the Thai Crab Cakes

Prep Time: 15 mins

Cook Time: 12 mins

Total Time: 30 mins

Taste 9.5/10

Thai Style Spider Crab Cakes Ingredients

Spider Crab White Meat

Bread or Breadcrumbs


Egg - Beat the crap out of it.

Thai Red Paste - 1 tea spoon is enough



Sweet Chilli Sauce


Vegetable Oil or Sunflower Oil or Canola Oil

Items Needed

A Hand Blender or Food Processor

A Frying Pan

Kitchen Roll aka Paper Towel



Boil up your spider crab whole in a pot. depending on the size of the spider crab this will vary greatly, the bigger the longer it takes. Work off roughly 12 minutes per kilo. I just cook until I think it's done and its almost always spot on. When this is done remove the crab and allow to cool this takes time. Next break down the crab. Chuck some tunes on and go for gold, get into every nook and cranny to get every morsel of crab meat out of the spider crab. Place all the white meat into a bowl and put to the side.

It will start with using either a food processor or hand blender to begin blitzing the bread up or if you are using pre-made breadcrumbs add some chilli and the blitz it up again. Then add in the coriander and blitz once more. We do this in parts to prevent the crumb mix just clunking up. Also try to blitz intermittently we don't want it to get hot from friction. Add this mix into a bowl.

Crack and beat an egg. Seriously beat it up. Add the badly beaten egg to the mix alongside the crabmeat and the Thai Red Paste.

Wash your hands, we about to get funky. Using your hands mix the food around use your fingers to evenly spread the ingredients throughout. Now continuing to use your hands mould the mix into small cakes. Using a fairly firm hand ensure that they aren't really loose.

Put some oil into a pan and bring it to medium heat. You can do the sprinkle a small amount of breadcrumb mix and see if it dances on the oil. Cook the crab cakes with enough room for space between the cakes. Depending on the size of your frying pan you may to cook the crab cakes in two or three separate batches. Cook the Crab Cakes until golden brown, rotate the balls to cook evenly. 2-3 mins each side.

Lay some kitchen roll (PAPER TOWEL) onto a plate and place the cooked crab cakes onto the kitchen roll. This will soak any excess oil and prevent it from soaking into the crab cakes.

Slice your lime into wedges and serve with Sweet Chilli Sauce, and Coriander.

Hmmm Hmmm Hmmmmmm enjoy!

Guys if you've enjoyed this recipe or have some tips feel free to comment love hearing your recipes and feedback

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