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Spearfishing and Outdoor Equipment Reviews

Im a self confessed gear junkie. For anyone who has been lucky (or unlucky) enough to have me talk through my "tubs" of Adventure Gear would know that I like to know a bit about my kit and I can guarantee you that I put my gear through its paces. I will be reviewing Spearfishing Gear, Outdoors and Survival Gear, Hiking, Camping and probably some Tech gear too.

The purpose of these blogs is to help give you a buyers guide or insight into the gear which may or may not help you pick if this equipment is right for you. 

As I am sponsored/affiliated with a few companies I will always state if this is the case. But regardless of if im sponsored or affiliated I will always give a fair honest review. Because of this I will typically wait for 3 - 6 months of use before I submit a review. I will chuck in some new gear I purchased into these category but ill aim to do a full review later on after putting it through some tests.

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